my why

        why i do what i do

I’m the oldest of seven children and I love big families.

At your session, I will "work my magic" so you can relax and enjoy making family memories.

I'll probably make monkey noises, dance, tell jokes, or act like a crazy person if it helps get your little ones to smile!

I recently married the most perfect-for-me partner, Jeff. My last name is pronounced Shrain, like train -  and yes I have to spell it every time.

He is funny, kind, patient, and a laundry ninja!
Seriously - I am SO lucky!!

Together we are navigating newlywed life, learning how to blend two families with adult children, and being Meemaw & Peepaw.

I believe every woman needs a circle of friends to lift them up and support them.

I am a woman of Faith and many of my church friends have become like family to me.

Some of my favorite memories include girls night out, pedicures, sharing a bowl of chips and guac or chatting the night away - and believe me, I can talk & talk AND talk!!



I lost my mom to ovarian cancer.  She was one of the most important people in my life, and it changed me forever.

I don’t believe that death is the end and I know she is watching over me, and cheering me on.

I’m grateful for every photo I have of her; they are a comfort to me, but my greatest wish will always be that I had more!


more about my why

My own family is the most important thing in my life. I always dreamed of a big family, with lots of kids and chaos like the way I grew up. We had one miracle child in my first marriage, but struggled with infertility for the remainder of our marriage. We never had the chance to fill our homes and hearts with the large family that I envisioned.

I know first hand the healing power of family photos with loved ones. I lost my mom after a brave four month battle with cancer. When we knew we had limited time left with her, I scheduled family pictures. I knew that I would need those final moments captured forever. After she was gone, we looked for the photos. We were so lucky that my parents had always taken photos, but still it never felt like we had enough. They are some of my most cherished possessions.

Sometimes dreams take a really long time to come true, but I believe in love, second chances and happily ever after.

I recently re-married and now I have five step-children, 2 grandbabies, and a house full of celebrations, laughter, and chaos. I am living the life I always dreamed. I believe that you can find JOY even in the hardest of trials and I want to celebrate that joy with you.

I know my mom is proud of me. She’s cheering me on from heaven as I help families make memories in the same way that we did growing up.

my why