Hi, I'm Liberty Schroen.  Liberty - like the statue - Yes, that's my "real" name and yes, I've heard the commercial - a million times! Because this year wasn't complicated enough (global pandemic), I decided to change my last name too. It's now Schroen, pronounced Schrain, like train. I grew up in Utah, but I'm a Chicago girl now who is married to a Michigan man and in love with the Midwest.

I'm passionate about photos and capturing your special moments. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, newlywed, mom, diet-coke addict, Meemaw and girls night out advocate. I love pedicures, eating chips with guacamole and talking to my friends - a lot!  I don't want to just take your photos; I want to capture your connections. The most valuable commodity we have in life is connection and I want to preserve those precious moments with your loved ones in natural, joyful, fun photos. Everyone has a reason to celebrate, to mourn, to laugh or to cry.  I want to be there to capture each one and preserve it for you and for generations to come. 


You'RE    engaged!!! I can't wait to hear your love story!!

I never knew I wanted to be a photographer until I became one, it’s a rare thing to see me without a camera in my hand and anyone who knows me, knows that I'll take photos whenever & wherever I am - so if we happen to be together you’ve been forewarned. The joy that fills my heart from the connections I make through the lens of my camera, have turned this hobby of mine into my true dream job.

I recently married the most perfect-for-me partner, named Jeff. He is funny, kind, patient, and a laundry ninja! He is the father of five grown children; four girls and one boy and I have one son who is also grown. We are looking forward to being "Meemaw" and "Peepaw" this fall when two of his daughters have our first grandchildren.

I LOVE big families and working with kids is my very favorite. I love to capture their curious little smirks and their fun personalities. I will show them what I'm doing, looking at themselves on the back of my camera is a favorite for most kids. At your session, I will "work my magic" and you can relax and enjoy making family memories. Leave the stress of family photos to me, I'll make monkey noises, dance, tell jokes, or act like a crazy person if it helps get your little ones to smile. 

hi. I'm Liberty

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Alexis Bennett

Before we found Liberty, we tried some other "I'm-a-photographer-in-my-free-time-check-out-my-insta" girl for engagement photos. Big mistake!! And when I say "big", I mean I looked huge. Liberty came to save the wedding day! I instantly felt enormously more comfortable with having my photo taken again with Liberty behind the camera. She gave me tips on how to pose myself so that it flattered my curves, she told me how she learns and studies to keep up with all the technical stuff, and I was able to tell her the things I was self-conscious about and she took it seriously. She kept the mood light and fun which is key for a couple who has a hard time faking a genuine laugh for a photo.

Another plus is that Liberty knows she's short! When I meet short photographers, I'm like "hello double chin maker...", but Liberty worked double time to make up for this lack of vertical blessings. She scrambled onto everything and anything she could to get the perfect shot. Now, instead of having a hard time finding a good photo of me and my new husband, I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to just one to hang on the wall!

Besides the posed pictures, Liberty did a great job of capturing all my wedding decorations, cake, food, and abandoned high heels. This was great because the whole day was such a blur I practically missed all of it! The candid shots of family and friends throughout the day were a blast to go through. It was like living the day again from a new angle. Long story long, invest in a great photographer. One named Liberty. ;) l could not have asked for more.

Avery McDonald

Liberty took our proposal, engagement, and wedding pictures. We are so glad we can look back on how far our relationship has come. She is willing to do whatever for the perfect shot (she even got stuck in a rose bush trying to capture the perfect one)!! Don't worry, she won!

Christine Kairies

Liberty has taken our family photos for the last two years. She is always willing to do anything I have in mind and always captures amazing pictures, both as individual shots of each of my kids, as well as group shots. She poses us in cute ways and has great ideas for locations that are unique, interesting and beautiful. She is professional and very flexible. She try's hard to exceed your expectations. I definitely recommend her.

...because every picture

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