hi, i'm liberty

Yes, just like the statue, that's my "real" name - and I've heard the commercial a million times! Now, let's talk about Schroen - it sounds like "train," not quite what you'd expect.

As a proud wife, mom, bonus-mom, meemaw, and the ultimate party planner, I thrive on wearing multiple hats. But my true passion lies behind the lens. Photography isn't just my job—it's my way of preserving authentic moments and creating memories that last a lifetime.

I believe that the best photographs are born from genuine interactions, while playing games and making memories.  Whether it's freezing the joy in your child's laughter or capturing the subtle glances that pass between loved ones, my goal is to encapsulate the heart and soul of your family.

So, here's my promise: we'll have a blast during our sessions. With me, photography isn't about stiff poses and forced smiles. It's about reliving the moments that matter most and having a lot of fun while doing it. And you know what? Even the skeptical dad will find himself saying, "that wasn't so bad."

Ok, let's make memories together—authentic, vibrant, and beautifully real.

         ... because every picture

         ... because every picture 

let me tell yours!

tells a story!

tells a story!


you call it chaos, I call it 

I loved working with Liberty, she put my whole family at ease.

She was able to keep my kids attention long enough to capture each of their personalities.

 I would highly recommend her for family or kids portraits!


Liberty took our proposal, engagement, and wedding pictures.

We are so glad we can look back on how far our relationship has come.

She is willing to do whatever for the perfect shot (she even got stuck in a rose bush trying to capture the perfect one)!!

Don't worry, she won!


Liberty has taken our family photos for many years.

She is always willing to do anything I have in mind and always captures amazing pictures, both as individual shots of each of my kids, as well as group shots.

 She poses us in cute ways and has great ideas for locations that are unique, interesting and beautiful. She is professional and very flexible. She tries hard to exceed your expectations.

I definitely recommend her.


Liberty is an amazing photographer. I have done multiple sessions with her and trust her completely to capture my family in the most beautiful ways.

She is super easy to work and I always look forward to the next session.