I had the best time with Kahlid and Shoshanna last night at the Deer Grove Forest Preserve in Palatine. We met a little early to scope it out and started taking pictures right away. There were at least two parties going on {with lots of music and fun!} and we made the best of finding great locations with beautiful sun!!

Kahlid and Shoshanna were SO MUCH FUN…they are so in love, so cute and willing to do anything I asked them to do. We all battled the bugs and have lots of bites to prove it. Totally worth it!!!

They LOVE Pokemon and love to play Pokemon GO, so they brought some Poke balls and I LOVE how these turned out….so cute!!

And then we had to walk around a huge water puddle, and trek across the grass and more bugs…but these pictures were TOTALLY worth it!!! Look at that gorgeous sun!!!! I love them all!!!

I LOVED everything about this session. Thank you for sharing tonight with me!!!! These are some of my all time favorite photos! That light is AMAZING!!!

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