Mara and Jordan were married on a beautiful winter day last December – yes, I’m aware how long ago that was!!

It’s worth noting that I photographed all three of these weddings {this one and the previous two posts}, traveled to Utah, did 2 family sessions, an engagement session and helped my brother get ready for his wedding all in SEVEN days. {which is probably why these never got blogged last December!}

Please forgive me Mara and Jordan, I adored all the personal touches you put into your wedding day and I loved looking back at all your pictures and re-living the fun day we had together. Jordan was completely smitten with Mara when he saw her for the first time. They couldn’t wait to be husband and wife and start their new lives together. It snowed the night before the wedding and everything was dusted with a soft blanket of beautiful, white snow. It was freezing outside, but nobody complained, they were all too busy laughing and celebrating to notice how cold we were.

The best moment might have been when Mara’s dad came out for the father daughter dance in a huge T-Rex head, and danced with her for most of the song with the huge head on – probably also worth noting that Jordan LOVES dinosaurs!!! Like, obsessively LOVES!!! They had custom dino cookies, dinosaurs on their cake and they even used small dinosaurs to decorate their tables.

From the beautiful, heartfelt speeches, to the special rendition of “I love you, you love me”, and the all night dance party – really, the family stayed and partied even after the bride and groom left, this wedding was truly a celebration of light and love. These families are a true example of acceptance, love and welcoming with open arms.

Mara and Jordan, thank you for letting me capture your special day. Thank you for being so much fun and for your beautiful examples of love and friendship. I wish you all the best in your new life together. I hope you always remember the light, joy and happiness you felt on your wedding day.

  1. Michele Phillips says:

    Oh my Gosh! What fun!!!! I’m saving this post for future planning for Cana. I adore adore adore her dress!!!!

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