A few years ago I would have NEVER dreamed that I would be saying that I was going to have grand-babies, or that you could call me Meemaw – and it has still taken me since December to be able to say it – I’m not even old enough to have grand-babies, I mean technically I am, but not really!!!

But one thing I’ve learned is that life is ALWAYS changing, and that God’s plan usually works out much better than I could have ever imagined!! Jeff’s daughters are both having babies in just a couple of months and I got to capture them on the beautiful beach in South Haven, Michigan. They were both so fun to work with, and don’t they look so gorgeous in that pretty soft light on the beach? We had a great time capturing their cute baby bumps and then went into town and fed the babies ice cream, just like every meemaw and peepaw should do, right?

I am so grateful for the love and acceptance I feel from Jeff’s kids. They are all so kind and I love being able to have them in my life. I had a full circle moment at the beach that night. I received a blessing when I was younger, in our church we call it a Patriarchal Blessing, and it’s meant to give you guidance and direction throughout your life. In my blessing it says that I will “be a mother and enjoy the blessing of a posterity that will be a crown of glory on my head.” (This was especially comforting during all the years of struggling through infertility!!)

Yes, I am a mother to a wonderful, amazing son and I hope that he one day has children, but that night on the beach I felt such a powerful confirmation that these babies are part of the fulfillment of that promise. I know that I am not the kids mother, and I will never replace her. I hope that they always feel like I am a “bonus mom” and that we will have many wonderful, fun-fulled, adventures together. I can’t wait to watch these grand-babies grow and to see the girls be mothers.

Allie and Nikki, You are both beautiful, glowing, amazing women and I can’t wait to watch you be mother’s to your little ones. I know that you’ll receive lots of advice and you’ll have lots of questions, so I’ll just tell you to enjoy EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of being pregnant, of your babies birth and of the first few years of these babies lives. You will always cherish this time, but it goes SO FAST and before you know it, your little ones will be all grown up and having babies of their own.

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