I could tell right from the beginning that Patti and I were going to get along great. She LOVES¬† pictures and we had such a great time planning her family photo shoot. We had to reschedule a couple times because of weather and scheduling conflicts, but it was worth the wait. We met on a […]

You wouldn’t know it by looking at these pictures, but it was freezing cold on the day we did these pictures. The wind was blowing and the sky was completely covered with clouds. I briefly thought about not doing them and seeing if we could wait for better weather, but they were troopers. These girls […]

A few years ago {ok, maybe more like 20}, I didn’t even know that Gotcha Day existed, and this awesome family celebrates a whole Gotcha WEEK!! {If you don’t know, like I didn’t, gotcha day is a day to celebrate when an adopted child is placed with a family}. From the moment I met them, […]

I love meeting new families. I love being able to capture the joy and the challenges of having little ones. When your child doesn’t act like they usually do, I always try to assure mom that this is totally normal, that ALL kids act like this at pictures. I’m a new adult, I have a […]

These little kiddos were SO cute and so fun to photograph….and such a challenge. {I’m always up for a challenge, especially for family photos}. I love the bright colors, their sweet smiles and the beautiful sun. This mamma {and her mamma} are AMAZING!! I am so in love with these pictures, they are my new […]