I love meeting new families. I love being able to capture the joy and the challenges of having little ones. When your child doesn’t act like they usually do, I always try to assure mom that this is totally normal, that ALL kids act like this at pictures. I’m a new adult, I have a scary big camera I keep putting in front of my face. I’m asking them to do strange things and smile on demand. It’s intimidating and confusing. AND I get it!!

I grew up in a big family, I’m the oldest of seven. I have 21 nieces and nephews. I always thought I wanted a big family – well, maybe not big, but at least four – and then I met infertility. The dreams and plans I had for my life and family were all swallowed up in the pain and heartbreak of not being able to have any more babies. I’m so blessed that after 3 1/2 years of trying, we were blessed with a miracle baby – and he is the light of my life. But he is 18 now not a baby and I miss little ones running around. Luckily I get to interact with so many families and I get to capture their joy and their struggles.

I had never met this family until our shoot. They found me on my Facebook Page and our first meeting was 4 minutes before we started shooting, but they were so warm and friendly. Their little one was adorable – even without very many smiles – and we had beautiful glowing sunlight. It was the perfect fall session, go ahead and see for yourself. And yes, I did get a few smiles out of the little one, he just needed his ball and his bat! 🙂

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