If you haven’t heard of LuLaRoe, I’m not sure where you’ve been living for the last two years. 🙂  I found them a little over 2 years ago and have made SO many friends through LuLaRoe and their community. Also, BONUS, I love their clothes. I had so much fun with Lindsay capturing the joy and hard work she puts into her LLR business. She is a mamma to two adorable little girls {who I get to photograph later this month} and she is so blessed to get to stay home with them, work her own business and be present in their lives. They are only little for a few short moments – or so it seems – and they grow up way too fast. {believe me, I know!}

It’s a blessing for me to support my friends and their small businesses, while at the same time they support my dreams and passions, in my own small business. I am fortunate to have a large community of friends who support me and cheer me on.  Running a small business – while working a full time job – is a LOT of work. Don’t let anyone tell you that running your own business is easy. I assure you, it’s a lot of work. My dad has run his own construction business since I was a baby. I grew up without vacations or sick days, especially in the summer when the weather was good. We didn’t ever know what time he was coming home, because running your own business has no hours. But we for sure knew how to work, and how to work hard. Thanks Dad!

So the next time you have a chance to support your friend in their small business, remember that you are helping them live their dream. And if you’ve never heard of LuLaRoe and want to find Lindsay, HERE is her site!

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