These are my friend Marie’s cute kids. We took family pictures too, but just like me she’s saving those for her Christmas Cards. {I’ll add them later} I am so happy she moved to Illinois a year ago so that I could be friends with her, and her family.

EDITED: This is my FAVORITE family picture of them, and my favorite picture of Chicago!!!

We met at church. I saw them walk in with their toddler and twin babies and something instantly drew me to them. My first thought was, oh man, they are so cute and they are all dressed so cute and stylish. I wish I could have had more babies, and then I thought, wow, they all can’t be that old, she really has her hands full.

After church that Sunday, I found Marie, introduced myself, asked about the kids and we started talking. {well, I started talking}. She was so kind and listened to my story and somehow in the matter of 5 minutes I had told her everything that had happened in my life in the previous 3-4 years – and it had been a LOT! I’m not sure why she stuck around, but she did.

I love it when I meet new people who I feel like I’ve known forever. Something just connected with us. It’s been so good for me to have her little ones to love on and we’ve become great friends. AND seriously look at how adorable these kids are.

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