Several years ago this young elder was serving in our area as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I loved having the missionaries in our home. I have 5 brothers, 3 of them served missions around the world. One served in Virginia, one in South Africa and one in the […]

I had no idea when I signed up for Amy & Jordan’s Photo classes a year ago how much it would change my life.  I’m really not being dramatic, I can’t believe the difference in my photos, my confidence, my workflow and my social life. I have met some of the most amazing, helpful photographers. […]

These are my friend Marie’s cute kids. We took family pictures too, but just like me she’s saving those for her Christmas Cards. {I’ll add them later} I am so happy she moved to Illinois a year ago so that I could be friends with her, and her family. EDITED: This is my FAVORITE family […]

For Labor Day weekend I went to Minnesota to visit one of my best friends, Meagan. She had a new baby 7 weeks ago and I HAD to go and see her. We pretty much stayed in the house and played dress up with the baby most of the weekend. We ventured out of the […]

This little {almost} 4 year old has a birthday coming up next week. We did a fun little birthday mini-shoot with him last week. I LOVE these big number balloons, so I wanted to get some pictures with them….unfortunately if you are from the Chicago area you know how windy it ALWAYS is, so we […]

These little kiddos were SO cute and so fun to photograph….and such a challenge. {I’m always up for a challenge, especially for family photos}. I love the bright colors, their sweet smiles and the beautiful sun. This mamma {and her mamma} are AMAZING!! I am so in love with these pictures, they are my new […]

I’ve known this family since our boys were two. We’ve moved away from each other, but thanks to social media we’ve remained friends and stayed in contact for all these years. Mom contacted me and told me it’s been YEARS since they had family pictures taken and they didn’t really like having them done, but […]

I had an amazing session with these three beautiful girls tonight, I mean seriously, look how beautiful they are. They were up for EVERYTHING I asked them to do, they were fun and funny, sweet and kind, they were all naturals in front of the camera. They have the most amazing friendship and they were […]