Several years ago this young elder was serving in our area as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I loved having the missionaries in our home. I have 5 brothers, 3 of them served missions around the world. One served in Virginia, one in South Africa and one in the Dominican Republic. I imagined that as I was feeding, serving and having these missionaries in my home here in Chicago, that someone in one of those areas was taking care of my brothers across the globe.

I remember several years later, we showed up to help a family move into our ward {one of my favorite things about the LDS church is our ability to organize service at a moments notice, for members we might not even know, yet!} When I showed up, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of our previous elder, his wife and their two young children. I felt a connection instantly because I had served this elder in my home and fed him years earlier.

We had to reschedule this session because of pouring rain and I’m SO glad we didn’t try to make them work on an overcast day, sometimes it’s worth the wait. The night of these photos was amazing, the light, the weather, the kids, their outfits, everything was PERFECT!! I knew as soon as I started shooting that these were going to be some of my very favorite photos, and I was totally, completely right. The boys were so cooperative, they were willing to do everything I asked and even had some of their own ideas to try. Baby Evie was ADORABLE and look at all that beautiful hair!!!

I loved capturing the Price family! I love their sweet little family. I know these pictures only represent a moment of time in their lives. I know life with littles is HARD and I know that not all days are pretty and as perfect as these pictures look. Ashlee and Jordan, keep up the hard work. Keep loving on these little ones. Keep doing the best you can everyday and enjoy every moment you have with them. Before you know it, they will be all grown up and off to being adults. {trust me, I know how fast it goes!}

Thank you for letting me capture your cute family.


I used their photos {and a bunch of my other sessions} to make a Portrait Style Guide.

I now offer this to all clients when you book a session. It will help you with your dates, location, outfits and give you a few hints to help with the kiddos and make your session successful!!!


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