I’ve know Christine since before any of her kids were even born. My first memory with her was a her oldest daughter’s baby shower. I’ve taken their pictures for years and I’ve been at all of their special events. We spend most holidays with their family. I’m pretty sure we were only born to different mothers, but meant to be sisters.

When my ex-husband announced to me one Saturday morning that he wanted a divorce, she was the person I texted and asked if I could come stay in her spare bedroom for a few days. (I needed some time to try and figure out what I was supposed to do, away from the situation at home.) She didn’t even ask me why? She just said, yes, of course, come whenever. When I got there later that day I found out that I had texted her during her daughters birthday party, her house and life were crazy right then and she didn’t even question letting me come to stay for a few days.

It was in her spare bedroom, during those hard days, that God spoke peace to my mind about my future and told me that it was all going to be ok, that he had a plan for me and that I could make it on my own. It was in those few days away that I came to know that this was the right course for my life and that God was aware of my pain and suffering.

I’m so grateful that God has put so many wonderful, amazing people in my life. I’m so grateful for  my circle of friends and my support system. I never once thought of moving back closer to my family after the divorce because I know that I have a support network here that treats me just like they treat their own families.


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