I met Sarah and Blake just a few years ago, right after they were married. I was able to visit many times with Sarah and get to know her better. One day I was talking to my brother Ryan and he asked me how I knew Sarah, he had seen that we were friends on Facebook and wondered how we knew each other.  I told him that we went to church together and he told me that he served his mission with her husband Blake. In fact, Ryan was Blake’s trainer. {it’s such a small world!}

Their sweet baby was born a year ago in October 2016 with down syndrome. Sarah and I haven’t talked about it. I’m not sure how she felt when she found out or how she feels now, but I will share with you how I feel. I can only imagine the feelings of uncertainty at finding out that your child is going to be different, that their life isn’t going to be what you had hoped and dreamed and planned for them. I can only imagine how devastating that news might have felt in the beginning.

But, I can tell you that he is charming and handsome and perfect in the way. I can tell you that Sarah and Blake are the perfect parents for him and that God will guide them and support them through raising their son JUST LIKE he supports me in raising my son. I can tell you that we are all given trials in our life and that how we react to them and how we live our life THROUGH them is the true testament of our faith.

Sarah and Blake, I think you are amazing. He is so lucky that you get to be his parents. He will bring so much joy and happiness into your life. I’m so happy that you asked me to capture your sweet boy for his birthday!!

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