Thank you just doesn’t really convey my gratitude for the amazing year I had last year, but really THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! That’s 80 SESSIONS guys, EIGHTY!!!! My heart is bursting at your love and support of me and my small business.

One of the questions they ask you in the business class I’ve been taking is “What does YOUR success look like?” Meaning, what is a success to YOU? Maybe you want to work your business full time, maybe you want to increase your number of sessions. Maybe you just want to do one more session a month. Maybe you want to make enough to support your family full time? Or maybe you just want to make some fun money?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my business goals and what I want to achieve. I’ve been thinking about my clients and who I want to serve. I’ve been trying to decide how I want my business to run for me and for my life.

First, Let me just say this past year was a HUGE SUCCESS for me!!! HUGE!!! I never dreamed when I started these classes how much my life would change. I never dreamed I would go from 20 sessions to 80 sessions in less than a year. I never dreamed that I would find so much joy and confidence in a few photography classes. AND, I didn’t even take the classes until JULY, so really this is just HALF of a year! {Only the first 5 sessions were before July}. 75 sessions in 6 months!!

HUGE growth and HUGE success for me.

SO, where do I go from here?  I want to keep growing and I want to keep learning. I was also EXTREMELY busy the last six months, and I will continue to work a full time job, so this might be more than I can handle every year. {thankfully my busy seasons are at opposite times of the year!}

My full time job is managing a busy tax office and it’s the beginning of our crazy schedule. I also live in Chiberia, so you might not see as much from me in the next few months – don’t worry, I still have a LOT of blog posts to catch up on, so there will be plenty of pretty pictures to look at!!

One change I’ve made is I’ve increased my prices. I want to better serve you. I been doing constant training and have learned a lot about making your session a great experience and giving you a great product.  I am available to help you with everything including outfit choices, locations, timing, challenging children, natural smiles, weather, posing, etc. I want to give you all the tools you need to not just like your pictures, but to LOVE your pictures. I want you to feel amazing and have an amazing experience working with me and I’m dedicated to learning everything I can so that you will always remember these memories we are making.

I will still offer mini sessions throughout the year and I will give my current clients first dibs at scheduling mini sessions. They will be on a date and time chosen by me, at one of my favorite locations. These sessions will be budget friendly and a limited number will be available each time. 

You can see my new pricing HERE

Thank you again for supporting me, for letting me capture your families and for telling your friends about me. Each time I get a referral from a client, I am reminded once again how important you all are in my life and in my business. Thank you for putting your trust in me.

Bring it on 2018! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me!!

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