I am having so much fun meeting so many new families this fall. The light and the colors have been beautiful. It’s been warm a lot longer, it’s been pretty rainy and the leaves on the trees haven’t really changed yet, so I’m hoping that means we have a longer photography season and I can schedule some more fall sessions for the first few weeks of November!! – Every Photographers Dream!!

These two littles were pretty much done before we started, but I chased them around in the weeds and captured them doing exactly what they love best, being boys. I grew up with 5 brothers. Well, really I only grew up with 4 in the house with me, I have a brother who was born 2 years after I got married so I was more like a mom to him than a sister. I have a son who is 18 and I have 9 nephews.

I know that boys are wild and crazy. Boys are non-stop. Boys love dirt and bugs. But, boys can be so sweet when they want to be. I’m so glad I was able to capture these two sweet boys. This age is so hard to capture, but it will be gone before you know it and these wild and crazy days will be replaced with girls and dating and pretty soon your sweet little boy will be all grown up.¬†Believe me, I know how fast it goes!!

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