Oh baby, look at this sweet little family and their gorgeous parents!! Could these be any more perfect? These little ones were a bit of a challenge {aren’t they all?} but I am always so excited when I know mom and dad are feeling like it’s SO much work…{and it is, believe me, I KNOW how much work family pictures can be}….and I come home and look through my photos and this is what I captured, it just makes my heart so happy for all the hard work put in by mom and dad!

Mom commented to me that she was so glad that I told them exactly what to do and where to stand and how to stand, and how thankful she was that I was so good at getting the kids attention….well, that’s my job! {and I kinda, sorta, LOVE it!}

See for yourself how fun these little ones were, we had a blast tonight {and I’m pretty sure I sent them home on a sugar high and full of smarties, but hey, whatever works!! Right mom?}

Way to go mom and dad, these kiddos are so luck to have you!! You’re beautiful AND amazing!!!

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