I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE capturing families at home. I love how these pictures turned out, I love the white chair and the beautiful natural sunlight. I love the red, white and blue. Do you think it would be weird if I hung these up in my house? 😉 I’m teasing Liz. Mostly!!

I was so excited when Liz said she wanted to do her family photos this summer at her house. I love the memories it captures and the feelings it will bring back as the kids look back on their childhood home. We decided to start upstairs with this adorable oversize white chair and the natural sunlight coming through the windows. Some of the kids were more excited about it than others, but I love that I was able to capture their little individual personalities, even if that means silly faces and books to keep them happy.  I am always excited when I can capture their natural smiles and those silly little faces they make. These are the memories you will love to look back on when they are all grown up, and believe me it might not feel like it when you have 3 small children, but they grow up SO fast and before you know it they will be adults, and you will be trying to figure out how it all happened so fast!

When the kids were done with the inside photos, we moved outside to capture their beautiful yard and the front of their home. I just LOVE this first one, the porch, the buntings, and their cute little family on the steps.

Thanks for letting me capture your cute family. Thanks for trusting me to document these memories for generations to come. I promise when you come over to visit, I won’t have your pictures hanging on my walls, because that would be weird….but, if it wasn’t weird I would totally hang them up for everyone to see your adorable family.

And since it’s July 4th, Hope you and your families have a Very Happy and Safe 4th of July!!! I LOVE AMERICA!!

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