I was so excited when Anne contacted me and told me her whole family was going to be in town for Thanksgiving weekend and wanted to know if we could work out a time to take an extended family picture! YES!!! I love extended family pictures. I have a big family and I LOVE when it works out that we can have a picture with all of us.

Extended family pictures are HARD! It’s hard to work out everyone’s schedules and wardrobe and location. It’s hard to get everyone to agree on anything, but I LOVE the connections made during extended family sessions. I love watching grown children interact with each other, especially if they have children of their own. {and most especially if they are struggling with their children when they are usually perfect angels! Believe me, I’ve seen it all before!!} I love seeing how children interact with their parents, of every generation. I like to watch who the boss is, and who the baby is and which one is the most spoiled. {Everyone knows who that is in my family!!!} I love watching grandma and grandpa with their grandchildren. I love the interaction, the love, the teasing, the unity.

They are some of my very favorite sessions, and this was no exception. I LOVE this one. The colors are beautiful, the location is beautiful and it was such a pretty fall day.

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