Today should be a day of celebrating. A day of anticipation and wonder. It is the due date of Brett and Heather’s angel baby, Bronson. He was born sleeping on May 30th, during a very difficult time for our family.  And, sometimes I wonder why we have so many trials, why some of us have so much pain and so many burdens to bear?  And as I watch these two with their other 3 children and I see how much they love them and what great parents they are, I wonder why they didn’t get the opportunity to raise their other two sons. They have another angel baby, Brayden, who is also in heaven.

I don’t have any answers to the questions of life – man, I wish I did sometimes – but, I do know that we are watched over, that we have guardian angels all around us. I know that we were put in families on this earth to love and support each other. I know that we are given the children we are supposed to have for a reason. I know that these two sweet boys are waiting in heaven with Grandma Cindy to be re-united with their family for all eternity. I know that God is good. I know that He is a God of miracles and that we have to trust in Him and His plan, always!!

These pictures were taken on the temple grounds of the Provo City Center Temple, I believe that through the promises and covenants we make inside these holy temples, we are sealed to our families forever. That death only separates us for a time and that we will all be re-united one day and live together for eternity. So today, I celebrate with joy, I know that I will be with my loved ones again. I know that we WILL be Together Forever. The peace this brings me is one of my greatest blessings.

Brett and Heather, I love you both so much, your kids are so dang cute and your family is growing so fast. Enjoy every crazy moment!! – It really does go SO fast!!  

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