It was pretty clear from the moment they stepped out of the car that this little girl brings this family so much light, and has them all wrapped around her little finger. She was the sweetest, most adorable girl the whole time, and she was very cooperative while we were doing this photo shoot. Most of the shots were centered around her, and she was such a good listener. We weren’t sure how long she would last – you know how kids can be, especially when you really want them to cooperate, but she did a great job and we got SO many great photos. I had such a hard time choosing my favorites from this photo shoot.

I know that this family has had it’s fair share of struggles. I know they have had health issues and pain and just really hard times. But, you wouldn’t know it when you meet them, they are so positive, happy and full of light. They make you feel special and important. I loved watching them together, I loved seeing how much they all care about each other and how much they cherish being together as a family.

I know from my own personal experiences that going through hard times, and struggling together makes you stronger and more united. I find this to be true of the Stewart family. Thank you Dawn for letting me capture your family. You should be very proud of each one of your children and in-laws. They bring light and joy to all those they meet. I am blessed to know you and your children, keep doing what you are doing. Keep cheering them on to be their best and know that I am inspired by your love, your strength and your light.

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