They made their FIRST family pictures look so easy and effortless. I really can’t believe that they have never had family pictures taken because their kids were pros!! They were the best sports and they listened so well. We got their session done so quick and without any tears. They were funny and silly, they tried to give me all their goofy faces, but in the end I think we captured some great genuine smiles from all of them.

We were supposed to do their pictures on Saturday, but because we were having a monsoon and it rained for 36 hours straight, we had to cancel their session. Sometimes I wish I could control the weather, just for a few weeks in the fall!! But, we rescheduled the next day because we are running out of good times to get them done. – why can’t fall last for like 3 months? I was afraid the ground was going to be one big puddle, but we lucked out and this location was wet, but no puddles.

I loved the colors that Brittney picked out and I knew they would look so good against this beautiful field. I couldn’t wait to get them behind my camera and they did not disappoint. I don’t think it’s hard to tell that little Violet makes their family complete. She is a doll, and they all love her so much. Taking her individual pictures were so fun because everyone else was standing right behind me and she was just laughing and laughing at them all. It’s pretty easy to see that she adores her big brothers and sister. I’m so happy that they let me capture the love they have for each other.

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