I had so much fun photographing Alexa and Tyler a few months ago – yes, I’m still way behind on my blogging, but now we can all dream of warmer weather and relive summer again!!

When this GORGEOUS girl was a baby, she used to come to my house at 6am and spent 3 days a week with me while her mom went to work. I remember a couple of times her mamma had to knock and knock until she could wake me up, from dead asleep, to take her baby girl from her for the day. I’m not sure why she trusted me, in my half dazed, mostly asleep state, but she always handed this little girl over to me and we went back to my bed to fall fast asleep for a few more hours. It was just like having another child those few days a week and there were so many times that I was grateful for the distraction for Tanner, the playmate to keep him entertained and the little sister that I couldn’t give him.

Danyelle, I’m not sure you know how much of a blessing you were in my life during that difficult time. I’m not sure you understand what a blessing you were to me, not only giving me a job during a time when I needed it, but giving me a purpose and a reason to get up each day. Giving me your little one to fill the hole in my heart by not being able to have other children and giving me a happy little person to occupy my time and keep my toddler entertained. There is no coincidence that we found each other.

And now look at this beautiful baby girl is all grown up…..she’s a senior in high school and will be graduating in the spring. I can’t even believe it’s been that long ago, or that she’s old enough to graduate. I can’t believe what a beautiful, wonderful young woman she’s grown up to be. I also can’t believe how much Tyler has grown up, and how quickly time passes.

Thank you for letting me capture your kids. Thank you for being such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your hard stuff and for trusting me with your baby all those sleepy mornings!!! Congratulations Lex, Class of 2019!! I can’t wait to see what you do next!!!

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