From the very beginning, before I even tried to make this little dream into a business, Amy has always been one of my biggest fans. I’ve taken their family pictures for SO many years, and they always come back, even when I didn’t really know what I was doing and was just starting out – and honestly wasn’t very good!! Thank you Amy from the bottom of my heart for supporting me all these years.

I could tell you so many wonderful things about the Anderson family, how they are loving and giving and are always serving or helping others, but I want to share an example of when Amy was an angel in my life and lifted a burden I didn’t even know I needed lifted.

When my mamma was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer, we set up a “Team Cindy” Facebook page to get out updates and information to everyone. One thing you might not think of is that when you’re having a crisis or you’re going through a struggle, LOTS of people are praying for you, thinking about you, wishing you well and really want to know what is going on and keep up on the changes. It’s such a HUGE job to keep everyone updated and to get information out quickly and efficiently. Using Facebook was great, for those who HAVE a Facebook, but not everyone does. Shocking, I know! Amy would get my Facebook updates and she would copy and paste them into an email and send it to everyone who didn’t have Facebook. I knew that once I had posted an update, all of the people who were praying for us – whether they were on Facebook or not – would get the update. It was such a blessing in my life, especially on the days when things got crazy and I updated several times a day. Thank you Amy for seeing a need and stepping in before I even know I needed help.

Dave and Amy, I loved capturing your family this year. I can’t even believe how big your kids are and how old they are….I am getting really old!!! I hope you know what a great example of love and charity you have always been in my life. I am so grateful you were there for me during some very difficult times and I’m thankful for your prayers in my behalf. Please know that I’m praying for your mom Amy, that I understand and that I’m always here if you need me. #cancersucks


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