You know you are CRAZY if…

You spend an entire day in downtown Chicago taking pictures with photographer friends, AND you think it was the BEST day ever!!! SERIOUSLY, BEST DAY EVER!!!

It was even Emily’s birthday and she was totally ok with spending it with us!!

We planned our day around where the light would be the best, how far we could walk in our heels, where the best food was, and how much it was going to cost to Uber or Park at said locations.  We rode the “L”, walked a lot, moved our car twice and took an Uber 3 times….just to get where we wanted to go!! We ate at all my favorite food place in the city and if that wasn’t enough, we ordered Chicago style pizza and picked it up on the way home!!

We must have looked like three crazy ladies with all of our photography gear and our changes of clothes, but it really was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

I love these two photog friends of mine, Emily and Stephanie.

We met in a private Facebook group after taking courses with Amy & Jordan Demos. We became instant friends and when Emily mentioned that she wanted to come to Chicago for a girls trip, I was all over it!!

I am so grateful for their friendship. I might have given them a crash course in my crazy life for the last 5 years on our drive into the city. They probably learned more about me than they ever wanted to know, but they listened, encouraged and made me laugh. We swapped clothes and helped choose outfits, we laughed and told each other that we were amazing!! {Because we ARE!}

I came home feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to work. I feel their love and support as we are able to ask each other questions, help each other with struggles, bounce ideas off each other and cheer each other on! The community that Amy & Jordan have created is the best part of their amazing classes. Yes, I’ve learned a LOT about photography, lighting, posing, and business…but nothing could replace the lifelong friends I have gained and the joy it is to be on the same team! Community over competition is their motto, and I 100% agree!!!

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