Lucky for me, I have lots of brothers, 5 to be exact, and I got to take Jeff and Christie’s photos while we were in Utah as well. We basically just went up to Tibble Fork every day I was there. {and it was totally worth it, because the view is AMAZING!!} The kids were all pretty good, except little Easton wasn’t really into it and Cosmo was a little crazy!! I love the picture of Easton crying, that’s real life pictures for you and how we all feel at some point during family pictures. Am I right??

Jeff and Christie for sure have their hands full, these four little ones are all strong willed and know what they want. I might have thought they were completely crazy when they added Cosmo, the dog, to the mix {and maybe I still do, but I’m not a dog person so I guess I might always think that!}

One thing I love about Jeff and Christie is they are always going on adventures and doing something fun. They take their kids to festivals, parties, exhibits, and shows. They take their kids {and Cosmo} camping even when they have to brave the elements.  They are always posting pictures of their fun adventures and I love seeing all the exciting things they are doing.

I also love that their kids call me on Facetime, on a pretty regular basis, and chat with me about whatever they want. They give me tours of their house and their bedrooms, they sing me songs, and show me their treasures. I love hearing their sweet little voices and seeing all the things that are important in their lives. I also love that when I come to visit they know who I am.

Jeff and Christie, you are in inspiration to me. You make everything into an adventure and you always have fun. You for sure have your hands full with these strong willed kids, but they are lucky to have you. You are such a great example to me of patience and faith. I’m so grateful I got to spend a few minutes capturing your family. I’m so blessed by your little ones and they bring such a joy to my life. Thank you for sharing them with me.

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