Yes, I’m very much aware that it’s not winter and that this wedding was in January, and yes, I’ve been meaning to blog it {and several others} ever since their beautiful day….AND finally, I’m getting it done!! {it’s only 8 months late, so not a big deal at all!!} This is my baby brother Skylar, […]

It was fate that brought them together. Fate, and an empty seat at church. When their friendship kept turning into “I can’t wait to tell Alex this” they knew they had something special. It was an honor to be a part of Alexis Holman and Alex Bennett’s wedding day. I met “Boy Alex” many, many […]

Nauvoo holds a special place in my heart. It’s where the Mormon Pioneers were driven out of their homes and land as they searched for a place to live in freedom. It’s the last place they settled before they trekked west to the SLC Valley. It’s a sacred place, if you’ve ever been there you […]

This little {almost} 4 year old has a birthday coming up next week. We did a fun little birthday mini-shoot with him last week. I LOVE these big number balloons, so I wanted to get some pictures with them….unfortunately if you are from the Chicago area you know how windy it ALWAYS is, so we […]

I had the opportunity to go to Nauvoo this past weekend and I took a LOT of really fun pictures. Nauvoo is a historical town on the banks of the Mississippi River where the early pioneers settled. I have pioneer ancestors who came through Nauvoo in the early years and it was so fun to […]

It was a privilege to be able to take pictures at Jennifer’s funeral. I am so grateful for the memories these provide and for the love and peace that I feel when I look at them. My heart is still breaking for my brother and his sweet children, but they are strong and will get […]