Yes, I’m very much aware that it’s not winter and that this wedding was in January, and yes, I’ve been meaning to blog it {and several others} ever since their beautiful day….AND finally, I’m getting it done!! {it’s only 8 months late, so not a big deal at all!!}

This is my baby brother Skylar, and his new wife Avery. They were sealed in the Provo City  Center Temple on January 3, 2019 in the most beautiful ceremony, surrounded by our family on a cold winter day. {like really cold for Utah!!}

Skylar and Avery met in 8th grade Spanish class and they were friends in high school, but they didn’t date until after he came home from serving a mission in the Dominican Republic. They had been dating for almost a year when they came to Chicago to visit big sister {and go to a Cubs game or two}. I already knew they were perfect for each other and that they were hopefully going to get married one day. I might have pushed them a little to commit to a date and we might have started planning their wedding right then….before they left my house we had the invitations decided, the photos taken and we had called the temple to schedule their date.  – nothing like a big sister telling you what to do!!

Their January wedding was perfect in every way!!  I loved everything, the simplicity and the attention to each small detail – I might even steal some of her ideas if I ever need to plan another wedding for myself!! My favorites were the family dinner from Mi Ranchito – our family favorite, the greenery – who knew it could be so pretty, his cuff-links  – they were cows to remind him of mama, the venue – it was so unique – rustic and beautiful, the soda on ice – our family might be slightly addicted, her gorgeous bouquet with the thistle, the beautiful cake my sister made, and the donut wall – everything was just perfect and represented them so well.

When we were getting ready for the bridal photos and the first look, I noticed the thistle in her bouquet and I immediately thought of my mom.  I had been thinking of the mother son dance for weeks, and I asked my brother what he wanted us to do. We decided that I would dance half of it and my sister, Amber, would dance the other half. We danced to “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran and I was crying before we started, and I sobbed the entire song. When it was Amber’s turn, I stood off to the side sobbing and my sweet new sister-in-law, Avery, came and wrapped her arms around me and just let me cry. I was so overcome with emotion, I was so sad and angry that my mamma was not able to be there, dancing with her baby on his wedding day. I was angry that cancer had taken her away from us. I was sad for my little brother, the favorite, that he didn’t have his mamma on the earth to dance with him at his wedding. It was an emotional moment for me as his big sister, and one that I will always remember, but I know that mamma was there with us and I know that she is always watching over us.

I’m SO happy for you Skylar, and we love having Avery in our family, I’m so grateful that I was included in helping to make your wedding day such a beautiful day. Thank you for trusting me to capture your day and preserve all these beautiful moments. {they did offer to hire someone else so I could enjoy the day, but I wouldn’t let them!} I can’t wait to see your love grow and to see what the future has in store for you!! {I hope it’s a bunch more nieces and nephews, but not yet, Skylar just got accepted and is starting the accounting program at BYU this fall, I’m so proud of you and mamma is too!!}

I love you more!!

  1. Shannon says:

    Liberty, this is wonderful! The writing made me feel like I know the inside story, the photos are beautiful, and the couple is smoking hot, yet look so sweet! Amazing job!

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