I had the BEST time with the Judd Family at their family pictures!! It was a little chilly, and it’s always an adventure when you’re working with this many kids, but we had a great time!! I grew up in a big family and I remember many years going to get family pictures, but we never took individual pictures, just a picture of the whole family together and sometimes one of just the kids. I love trying to capture the kids individually and get a glimpse of their personalities. These kids were SO fun to capture.

Some of the kids were not as excited about pictures as others, but I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to try and get them to cooperate. {they don’t always work, but usually I can get them to relax and just play with me, which sometimes makes them forget that we are doing pictures}. One of them did NOT want to cooperate, but once we started twirling and showing off her cute fashion, she was ALL for it!! I love the relationships I get to make with these kids. I loved working with them and watching them relax and enjoy being with me, and I loved capturing their genuine smiles.  As you can see they are all SO CUTE and they have the best personalities.

Thanks Judd family for letting me capture your cute family pictures this year. Thanks for playing with me for a few minutes and for looking so AMAZING, I can’t wait to capture your family again!!

We also got some GREAT family shots….some of my VERY favorites!! I love the red with the black and white!!

And a couple adorable ones of mom and dad!!

AND the best part was that I went to her house last week for a Christmas party and they were hanging up on her walls…..made my photographer heart SO HAPPY!!!!!!



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