I love shooting photos outdoor, in the natural light. I love the soft beautiful glow of the sun. I love the beautiful open fields and natural settings…….but honestly October and November were the worst weather months we’ve had in a long time. I think I had to re-schedule 75% of my sessions. It rained and was yucky and gross almost EVERY weekend. I was getting so tired of not having sunny, pretty weekends. SO, I decided to try some indoor mini Christmas sessions. I got some studio lights and dug out my Christmas trees and made a cute little studio in my living room – good thing I wasn’t having Thanksgiving at my house, because it looked like a photo studio!

I LOVE how these turned out, the Christmas lights, the cute little kids in their jammies, the dressed up fancy pictures, I loved everything about them!! They turned out better than I could even imagine. I’m so grateful to my sweet clients who trusted me to capture their adorable kids.

My friends Rachel and Natalie brought their kids over for me to use as models to be able to make an advertisement. Their kids were naturals and we had a great time trying out all different outfits and props!

I had three more sessions of Christmas Mini’s and this might be my FAVORITE picture of this year…..the jammies, the baby, the light, I LOVE all of it!! The rest of them are pretty awesome as well. Next year, I’ll have to start them earlier so I have time to do more, it was such a fun way to capture these adorable Christmas memories!!

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