Since moving to Illinois almost 17 years ago, we have rarely been able to travel home for the holidays. It’s too expensive and too much hassle to take everything home with us. One of the first years we lived here we became friends with the Solis family and have been included in their family events for many, many years. It’s just normal now that we are part of the holiday planning and it’s weird when it doesn’t work out for us to be with them – like the year my mom died and we were in Utah for the funeral.

These pictures were taken in an open field right next to her sisters house on Thanksgiving day. We planned to just snap a couple pictures to get one for a good print and a Christmas card. I LOVE how the colors all go together. I love the golden sunlight and the beautiful field. It was a great day for late November and I’m so glad we were able to capture these beautiful photos for her family.  I even sort-of got natural pictures of the kids.

Thanks Solis family for adopting us and making us feel just like family!!!

  1. Janet Solis says:

    My Favorite Family Photos in a long time! So glad you were able to get these on one of the few days a year we are all together and dressed up! 16 thanksgivings together… yes you are definitely family!

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