OH. MY. GOSH. I Love these pictures SO, SO much!!! {I know, I know, I say that about EVERY session!!} And it’s true. Every time!

I love their flowy dresses, the soft, beautiful colors and those adorable flower crowns! I love the white lace flowers and the beautiful sun, but most of all I love these people who let me capture their families. I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world that I get to capture so many amazing families, that they put their trust in me to capture their special moments and that we become forever friends!!

I love the Judd family. I am so grateful for them in my life. I almost always get to sit with them at church and love on their sweet kids, I get to watch their love for each other and unity with one another. I am blessed that they are a part of my life. When I was sick a couple weeks ago, Cheryl brought me dinner and smoothies because she knew I hadn’t eaten much in several day. She drops off treats to me at work and always checks on me to see how I’m doing.

I am so grateful to all the families who allow me to be a part of their lives, to love on their kids and to capture their memories. I am so grateful for the love I always feel and for the support you always give me. Thank you for trusting me to capture your memories and for coming back year after year!! Most especially, thank you for telling your friends and families about me and for sending them my way, the greatest compliment you could give me is to refer me to your friends.

I can’t wait to start my busy fall season, I’m excited for all the new families I get to work with and to see my returning families again!!

  1. Janet says:

    Nice! Love the soft colors too.

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