I LOVED working with these kids – and their mom and dad are pretty great too – they cracked me up the entire time we were together. They have amazing smiles, superb dance moves and the best jokes. I really love working with families year after year, I love to watch them grow and change each year. I love when they remember me and what we did at the last session –  even when it was a year before, the kids still remember – and I love that because they already know who I am, it doesn’t take as long for them to warm up to me.

These kids were GREAT listeners, they did exactly what I asked them to do and they even came up with a few poses of their own to try. They loved the walking shots and they did such a great job that we had plenty of time for playing and getting the photos mom wanted. The individual ones are some of my very favorite, I think we captured each of their personalities. When I look at these pictures they just fill me with light and laughter. I remember the dancing, the jokes and the fun time we had together.

That is truly what photos should do for you. They should help you feel the emotions of that day again. They should remind you of the fun time you had together, they should evoke an emotional response and help you feel that day all over again. I want to capture memories for your family that will do just that. I want you to remember a few minutes of fun and play. I want you to remember what is most important and why you work so hard to capture these moments.

Laksy Family, thank you for always making me laugh, for helping me find joy in each moment. Thank you for letting me be a small part in capturing your family. I can’t wait to see you next year and hear all about all the antics I’ve been missing out on.

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