I had so much fun in the little town of Wheaton, I love all the brick, the awesome white wall and the beautiful park right in the middle of town. I love the huge Wheaton chair and we had so much fun capturing a part of the city for the Smith family to remember when they move to Utah. 🙁 I love shooting the places where you live, the street you walk down, the towns you visit. What will you remember about it? What will change by the time you come back? How will you remember it?

Last time I was home, I drove down the street where I used to live and I swear to you everything looked different. I’m sure it had been updated over the years, but the house seemed so much smaller than I remember it, the street seemed so much different and the trees and bushes were huge. Of course I lived there when I was a child, so I’m sure the size was relative to how much smaller I was. We moved to the house that my dad is still living in when I was 12, so it’s mostly all I remember as being “home”.

I love the opportunity to look back on the past. To remember the things that we used to do, the places we used to go, the memories we made. Looking at photos always brings back memories, sometimes happy and sometimes not as happy. I want to capture your family in all the stages of your life. I want to preserve these memorable moments for you so that one day you will look back on them and remember this time in your life.

Thank you Marci and Matt for letting me capture your family. Thank you for preserving these precious memories for generations to come. Good luck on your move and all of the changes in your life, but know that we will miss you!!

Austin, good luck on your mission in Atlanta! I’m so excited for you and the adventures you are about to have. Serving a mission is one of the most life changing opportunities you will have!!

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