I thought it would be fun to do a getting to know me post. I don’t know if there is anything exciting about me, or anything you don’t already know, I’m pretty much an open book, but here goes.

My name is Liberty Dawn. I’m the oldest of 7 – I have 1 sister and 5 brothers. I’m usually the “boss” when I go home, and I try really hard not to be too bossy. I love my family fiercely and would do ANYTHING for them. I grew up in Utah Valley surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I moved to the suburbs of Chicago about 18 years ago and even though I was terrified at first, I LOVE living here. I do miss those beautiful mountains, and love to visit “home” as often as possible.

We lost our mom to Ovarian Cancer in November of 2015. It was the hardest year of my life. You can read more about it here and here. I wasn’t sure I would ever feel “okay” again, but I’m here to tell you that you CAN do hard things and that you CAN survive the death of a loved one. It’s hard and painful and something I don’t wish on anyone, but I am a different person because of the things I learned throughout this experience.

I have a 19 yr old son, Tanner. He lives with me and is working at Game Stop. {He’s a video game brain, he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the games, the companies, the developers, the audience they are trying to reach, and everything else in between. He loves sharing it with anyone who will listen, so Games Stop is perfect for him}!! His father and I got divorced in July of 2016, just after my mom passed away and since then we’ve learned to never take each other for granted, to look beyond our differences {which are many} and to love without condition. He has taught me more about unconditional love than anyone ever could.

Some of my favorite things include: taking pictures – all the time, of everyone and everything – girls night out, chips and salsa – like I could have them for EVERY meal – along with everything Mexican. Diet Coke, especially dirty Diet Coke – if you don’t know what that is look it up here, it’s amazing – musical soundtracks, anything glittery, jewelry – especially bracelets, getting a pedicure, blogging, writing and journaling about my journey, my friends – seriously I have the BEST friends, social media and making connections with new friends, watching Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and This is Us.

Two of my biggest fears used to be death and divorce, and since I’ve survived both I don’t really think there is anything that scares me the way those two used to. {I am still afraid of mice and puke though!!} I have a firm, unshakable testimony in my Savior Jesus Christ and I truly believe He is the only source of peace, hope and happiness in the world we live in today. He is my Savior and the only reason I am not only living today, but finding hope in a situation that is not what I had planned. I know that I will be with my mamma again, I know that life is eternal. I know that God has a plan for EACH one of us, and that he wants us to find JOY and HAPPINESS in this life!!

And because this is a photo blog, here are a few of my favorite photos of me and my family, taken by my AMAZING and TALENTED photo friends. Emily Broadbent Photography, Stephanie Marie Photography, Kim Ritchie Photography and Ashley Wright.


  1. Ashley says:

    So so fun! I love we’re peas in a pod!

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