Stacy, I started getting this ready ON your actual anniversary, and I wanted to post it for you and wish you a very happy anniversary…..but, then I got super, super sick and I didn’t get it done. I’m feeling mostly better, I went back to the Dr. today and they checked my ear again and it’s mostly better. {I had the worst ear infection I’ve ever had, I really thought my ear might explode, it didn’t and I’m ok now, but Monday night was a REALLY LONG NIGHT!!!}.

Stacy is in my AJ photography class and she asked online if someone would be willing to take some anniversary pictures for her and Amaro. UHM, YES!!! I had such a great time meeting them at the St. James Forest Preserve. It was such a beautiful night for photos, but the bugs were HORRIBLE!!! I had to edit out LOTS of bug bites on both of their faces and I was covered with bites, but it was totally worth it!!!!

I love your quick version of your love story, posted on Instagram “Today marks my 1st anniversary with my hubby! ❤️ Paper anniversary I got him lottery tickets lol 😁 and won $5.. our love story is one I will never get tired of telling over and over again. We met in December of 2013 while he was home for the holidays (he was stationed in Quantico, VA at the time) we really hit it off and in January 18th 2014 we made it our day! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t see him until that summer and only for a span of one week😩 that continued every year, through 2 new stations & 2 deployments to Japan, on November 18th, 2016 he proposed at the Happiest place on earth DISNEYLAND!!!❤️ 9 months later (apart) we tied the knot!!! We then packed our bags and moved to Chicago! And have enjoyed each other’s company ever since! I fall in love everyday and will continue to love you more and more everyday!!”

Happy Paper Anniversary!!!! Hope you have many, many great years ahead of you!!!!

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