I’m so glad the DaSilva family asked me to take their family photos again this year. Somehow we got our times mixed up and by the time we started we had about 45 minutes to do their family session, and a baptism session.

But I wasn’t worried at all!!!

I work really hard to be as efficient as possible at your photo session. I promise you that we can capture your family, even if we have¬† to be quick. I love having your kids help me, I love to give them a job to do, I want to hear their ideas and I love letting them see the back of the camera so they can see what we are capturing. I know that this helps them to stay focused and we can get finished faster!! I know that by the time you get to your photo session, you might be completely frazzled. I know that you’ve asked the kids a million times to be good, to cooperate, to smile, to keep their clothes clean, etc.

I get it!! And I want to help!!

Mom, and Dad, your job is to take a deep breath and let me “work my magic” for a few minutes, let me tell the kids what to do, where to look and how to smile. I will work really hard to get them as natural as possible, I know all about those cheesy, fake grin .

As my fall sessions are just around the corner, HERE is an article with some helpful hints to prepare for family photos.

Once you book a session, I will send you a style guide with even more details, and helpful hints for clothing, location and how to prepare your family for our session.

Thank you DaSilva family for being SO amazing, for cooperating so quickly, and for getting so many great photos in such a short amount of time. I loved capturing your family and they turned out beautiful!!!! And can you believe this girl is 8? I remember when she was born, and I don’t understand how time seems to be flying SO fast. It seems like the older I get, the faster it goes!!

Enjoy every moment!!!!

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