I had SO much fun working with the Pilizota family!!! When Solange asked me about family pictures, she didn’t want them to feel too posed, or unnatural.  She wanted them to feel joyful and candid. I assured her that we would capture their family in fun, playful photos and we did just that. I love how much joy they radiate as a family!! We decided to do the photos in their own backyard, and it ended up being a perfect setting and such a beautiful night!!

As you can imagine, not everyone in the family is as excited about taking photos as mom is, and in all actuality, mom might not be thrilled with “taking” them either, but she wants to HAVE them to preserve these beautiful memories!! Kids grow up WAY too fast, and capturing them at every age is so important, even when they are teenagers and taking pictures with you might be that last thing they want to do! {ask me how I know this?}

In reality, I’m not a very funny person, just ask my 19 year old son he’ll be happy to tell you how “unfunny” I am, but I am happy to act like a goof if it will get some laughs and fun interaction in your family photos. I want you to feel free to be yourselves, to laugh at your family jokes and to interact naturally. I will guide you into posing that helps with interaction, but I hope that you will feel comfortable laughing, hugging, walking, and playing together while I capture your family connections.

John and Solange, I had SO much fun capturing your family and I especially loved watching how much you adore each other. From the love you give to your own mother, to the way your son looks at you, it was a pleasure for me to be a part of capturing your family. And Batman, you are one very luck pup, they love you so very much and wouldn’t know what to do without you!! Thank you for letting me catch a glimpse into your lives.

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