When my Aunt Karri told me that her daughter Emily was getting married, she asked me if I would do their wedding pictures.  This was sometime last fall and I told her that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do wedding photos because they scared me too much. It’s way too much pressure, too much responsibility, and too much to worry about if something goes wrong….BUT I told her I would think about it. 😉  They live in Erie Pennsylvania, so it’s about a 7 hour drive from Chicago so I was pretty sure we were going to be at the wedding, and I felt a little bit bad telling her that I didn’t want to do the wedding pictures because if I was going to the wedding….there was NO way I wasn’t taking my camera and taking pictures.

After I did my brother’s wedding in February – and I survived – I decided that I would be brave enough to do Emily’s pictures.  The day of the wedding we had been watching the weather all day because there was a slight chance of a severe thunderstorm later in the afternoon, but it looked pretty good most of the day.

We did some fun getting ready photos with her bridesmaids and then we were going to meet the guys at the park for some outside portraits together…..well, we had only been out of the car about 4 minutes when we started getting dripped on with big, huge rain drops. The guys were getting drops all over their gray suits, so I told them to hurry and get back in the car and we would wait for a few minutes. A few minutes became 45 minutes and the drops became pouring rain, like you can’t see through the windshield rain, and we had no cover at all at the park we were at. After about 30 minutes of pouring, it stopped raining some and I decided that I would go see if I could find a place under some cover, I wandered around the the backside of a building and there was a little covered porch area. I figured if we could get to this area without getting poured on, we could make it work…..but on my return trip back to the car, the sky opened up again and I got SOAKED!! We waited some more….and finally we were able to make it safely to the covered porch and took some adorable pictures!!!

Because of all the waiting at the park, we were late to the church for family pictures and we had to rush to get everything done before the ceremony, but we did it!!  The wedding was beautiful, the ceremony was short and sweet so we could get on to the taco bar, the cupcakes and lots of dancing. They ended the night with a bubble exit and it could not have been more perfect for them.

Nick and Emily,

I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring to your life. I am so excited for you and for your future. Always remember to cherish each other and to hang on to the most important things in life. Make sure you communicate with each other and take time to do the things you love together. I am so happy for you and so excited to see your love grow.

May you live Happily Ever After !!!

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