When Patti contacted me for a mother/daughter session I was SO excited. I loved their last session so much and I was so excited to work with them again. Her girls are just the cutest and I knew that we would have a great time together. We tried to wait as long as we could so that the trees would finally start blooming after a very long winter, it was still a little bleak, but it was finally blooming!!

Patti and I both have a passion for photos. We both understand the importance of having photos taken, of printing them and having them in our homes, and making sure that our children have photos with us IN THEM. Actually, I think Patti and I might be the very same person, we have similar personalities, we like the same things, we dislike the same things….I think we might have just been separated at birth. 😉

Her daughter Sara is an aspiring photographer and we had a great time talking about photos and how to get what you want from your camera. We were both so excited when we found this pink tree and yes, I really did make them get under the branches to get some of the flowers layered in front of them. The girls and I all had a great time trying taking these fun pink flower pictures, but I really love the very first picture on the bridge. I love the connection these girls have with their mom. I love the bridge, I love the colors, it’s one of my favorites from this shoot.

Thank you Patti for always believing in my, for cheering me on, and for supporting my business. Thank you for being my friend, for encouraging me and for being there when I need someone to calm me down when I thought I had lost everything after my laptop died. 😉 I’m so grateful that photography brought us together and I hope we stay friends for a very long time!!

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